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Seagull Hotel Coxs Bazaar
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Hotel Motel Zone, Cox's Bazar Beach, Bangladesh. Tel: +88-0341-62480-90 Fax: +88-0341-64436 Cox +88-0341-62480-90
- Seagull Hotel is one of the top hotels in Coxs Bazaar, with five star facilities. Located just on the beach and exiting packages. (More Info..)(418934)
Hotel Kollol Coxs Bazaar
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Hotel Kollol, Kollol Point Cox 0341 - 64748, 01727613258, 01819548434
- Hotel Kollol was established in 2003. It is located near Cox's Bazar beach. From the balcony of this hotel, the view and roar of sea waves can be experienced. (More Info..)(358003)
Hotel The Cox Today.
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Plot-7, Road-02, Hotel Motel Zone, Kolatoly Road Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Cox +88-0341 52410-22
- Hotel The Cox Today is one of the best five-star standard luxury hotels in Cox's Bazar. It's magnificent and uniquely located along the world's longest natural beach in Cox's Bazar and 10 minutes drive from The Airport. (More Info..)(210206)
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14 Kalatoli Road, Hotel Motel Zone, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh Cox's Bazar +88 0341 51843-6
- Encompassing the spectacular views of Cox’s Bazar, Long Beach Hotel stands very close to the hills and sea-beach, offering world class facilities and exhilarating experience to its guests. (More Info..)(177542)